To be able to choose good replacement windows for Colorado, homeowners must first establish their priorities, that is, they must choose the factors that they consider to be the most important, the benefits they want their windows to drive. If you are in the process of selecting the new windows for your home in the Centennial State, here are a few of the most important aspects to bear in mind while shopping for windows.

Temperature and Energy-Efficiency

Colorado climate can be harsh on anyone and anything, windows included. The climate in the state is as varied and often as rugged as the terrain. Most of the state is made up of mountains and hills, with temperatures staying cooler in spring, summer and fall and dropping very low in winter, but there are hot desert areas in the state as well. One of the most important roles of windows is to protect the home against the weather and to maintain the thermal balance inside the home, so the best windows for the area provide energy-efficiency that matches climate conditions in your area.

The best way to ensure that your windows offer the performance that you need, check the U-rating of the frame – the lower the score, the higher the level of heat retention offered by the window.

The Material of the Frame

vinyl window

The most common materials used for manufacturing window frames are vinyl, wood, clad wood and fiberglass. Though they can be all used for making frames that offer high energy-efficiency, not all of them are suitable for the harsh and rapidly changing weather that dominates Colorado – here are a few more details:

  • Vinyl – vinyl replacement windows Denver contractors know that vinyl is a budget-friendly and durable material, but it is temperature reactive, meaning that it stretches and contracts as the temperature changes. The temperature in Colorado can change suddenly from one extreme to the other, which can damage vinyl frames very quickly and the strong UV radiations associated with summertime in the state can turn the material yellow in just a few years.
  • All-wood frames – wood is a sensitive natural material that reacts to variations in temperature and humidity. Though wood frames are of unparalleled natural beauty, they are expensive and they do not stand up well to the harsh Colorado climate.
  • Aluminium-clad wood frames – these varieties use a base made from wood that is clad on the outside in lightweight, resistant and durable aluminium to optimize the strength and the performance of the frame. The combination of wood and metal comes with enhanced resistance to UV radiation and makes the frame completely resistant to temperature variations,
  • Fiberglass – another excellent solution for Colorado windows, this modern material offers excellent thermal resistance and insulation and it can withstand any weather.

The Glazing

Single-glazing – windows that use a single glass pane – are definitely a thing of the past. Good replacement windows for Colorado use either double-glazing or triple-glazing and as a general rule, you should go for the thickest glazing and the most advanced combination of refletive coating that you can afford.