Andersen windows

Andersen windows are well-known and appreciated all over the nation – one of the largest window manufacturers in the country is renowned for the excellent quality of their products as well as for their stellar customer service. When it comes to pricing, though, there are surely numerous cheaper options available, but the investment is surely worthwhile. Here is why.

A Variety of Styles and Types

Whether you are looking for a set of a specific type of window in identical or different sizes or you need windows that are different in type as well, you will surely find what you are looking for in the Andersen range. The company provides products in all the major styles: awning, bay, casement, gliding, picture, single- and double-hung varieties are just as readily available as windows that feature specialty shapes.

Materials of the Highest Quality

Andersen is a window manufacturer with a tradition going back to over a century in making windows – plenty of time to figure out what the best window materials are as well as to determine the right direction for innovation. Andersen today offers window varieties that use the most common and most sought-after materials on the market, namely wood, aluminum, vinyl and fiberglass as well as their own special material, Fibrex, a composite material featuring an extremely strong and durable combination of wood fibers and thermoplastic polymer.

Andersen windows are strong not only at the frames – the company offers a variety of glass solutions as well, among them products designed for coastal areas, where the glass needs to stand up to much more than in calmer, landlocked regions, such as extreme winds and strong impact caused by windborne debris.

Renewal by Andersen

Andersen is well-known and appreciated for their excellent customer service and dedication to offering their customers exactly what they need. Besides the great window design tool available on the company’s website and the option to get advice and assistance over the phone, Andersen also has a special window replacement service that assists the customer every step of the way and that comes with a wide range of affordable windows, too. The Renewal by Andersen process starts with a design consultation either in the form of an in-home meeting or via a virtual meeting between the customer and the consultant to discuss design needs and options, it continues with professional measurements taken by Andersen’s approved local technicians and the manufacturing of the windows to the client’s exact specs and concludes with the professional installation of the windows. Andersen continues to stand by their customers even after the installation of the products purchased in the form of outstanding warranties and customer after-care.

Outstanding Warranties

Andersen products are categorized into the Andersen range and the Renewal by Andersen range. The warranty on the glass inserted in the frames is 20 years and the non-glass components are warranted for 10 years. The products in the Renewal by Andersen class being available only with professional installation provided by Andersen-approved technicians, the windows in the category get a 2-year warranty on the installation as well.