There has been a great deal of talk about potholing and what it’s helpful for. While most homeowners and business owners might not have heard about it, potholing is actually a very essential part of the construction process. It arms construction experts with knowledge about the underground layout of cables, wires and pipes that you might not even have known about.

Utility potholing is used specifically for finding underground utilities that are not documented or finding the precise locations of various pipes and utility cables that might be underneath a real estate property. Whether you’re a business owner trying to erect a new building or a homeowner looking to install a larger swimming pool, you can use utility potholing services to find these utilities and avoid them during the excavation process.


What Potholing Is All About

Potholing is basically the process of drilling a small hole in the ground to find out what’s underneath the surface. It can often be used to detect utilities, water mains and gas lines that run underneath your property and could cause a lot of problems if you begin digging to create the foundation of a new building without accounting for them.

Even though potholing is used primarily for finding utility lines, there are other uses for the process as well, and it is still essential to know what it’s all about in general, before considering hiring a contractor to get it done. Potholing can be used not only for finding the whereabouts of utility lines that don’t show up in any document, but also for assessing the structural integrity of the ground before a major construction project or to help with the repair or replacement of underground piping and utilities that are old or have been damaged.

Potholing is a highly effective process of detection which allows construction experts to figure out exactly how they have to modify their excavation plans to avoid any issues an achieve ideal stability for the future construction. Whether for that purpose, or to track an old gas pipe that could cause serious problems if it’s not detected,

Finding Hidden Utility Lines

Utility potholing procedures are used specifically to find undocumented utility lines, and as many experts agree, they have to be used by professionals who have a great deal of experience with this type of work. Failing to properly assess the location of such utility lines can lead to them being damaged during excavation and the property owner will most likely have to cover the repairs.

Potholing is used to find unknown utility lines by drilling holes in areas on the property where the lines are assumed to be located. Damage has to be minimized, and the process of figuring out where the pipes and cables might be is equally as important as the actual potholing work itself.

It’s typically best to hire a hydro excavation service for the purpose of finding and documenting the layout of these utility lines, since  hydrovac is the least damaging method of drilling potholes. Dependable contractors such as Vacuum Dig are the best for the job, and they can also assist you with many other services associated with vacuum and hydrovac solutions.