quartz Denver

Quartz is a natural stone that has many uses for industrial purposes as well as in home design. The versatile material is popular for its durability and resistance to impact and the wear and tear that comes with daily kitchen usage as well as for the incredibly wide range of colors and textures that allow kitchen owners to choose the slabs that best suit their kitchen space design. Here are some of the most common color options of quartz Denver homeowners choose.

Shades of White

Bright white that gives your kitchen the luminosity of Arctic snow and shades of off-white are all very popular hues to choose with granite countertops. White slabs are the preferred solution for many homeowners because white goes well with any other color in the kitchen and it suits modern and classic kitchen designs perfectly.

Grey Tones

Grey is another very popular color chosen by people for their countertops, a color that goes well with almost any other color in the kitchen, that resists well to staining and discolorations and that conceals everyday dirt efficiently.

Quartz comes in many colors, but none of them is as nuanced as grey palettes. When it comes to grey quartz, the options include shades that are so light that they look white from certain angles all the way down to dark grey shades, such as hues resembling onyx. Grey quartz comes not only in slabs that feature a uniform color, but also in varieties that feature speckles spots and lines for an even more sophisticated and unique appearance.

Marbled Combinations

Quartz also comes in varieties that feature two or more colors, out of which one is the dominant background color and the others form lines to create a marble-like appearance.

Cloudy Combinations

When it comes to patterned slabs of quartz, marble-like varieties are not your only options. You can easily find slabs in which the colors combine not in the form of a background color and lines of a different shade, but in which the colors group into cloud-like formations. Many of these slabs feature multiple background hues as well, their playfulness making them excellent for kitchens that feature a sleek, toned-down design as well as for spaces that exude playfulness all around and that use bright-colored furnishings.

Shades of Beige and Golden Brown

These slabs usually combine warm and cool shades to form a naturally harmonious and balanced texture. The coloring works well with kitchens that feature lots of natural wood.

Golden brown against a white or off-white background is another very elegant patterning available with quartz countertop slabs. The slabs that feature light, large patterns are especially great for creating a stunning space that does not lack an interest for drama.


Whether speckled with lighter spots, catching the eye with broad white lines or featuring uniform coloring, black quartz is one of the most elegant color options available. The solution works well with any kitchen, but it is especially suited for large spaces that astonish with sleek, but monumental features, such as high ceilings and large cabinets.