Atlanta commercial roofing

Property ownership, whether it is a residential building, a commercial or industrial facility, comes with lots of maintenance tasks that should include some attention paid to the roof. The topmost layer on any roof is constantly exposed to the elements, taking much of the beating the building gets from the rain, the sun, from winds, cold and high heat. Roofing materials are developed to stand up to all this hassle, but even so, building owners can still do a lot to keep their roofs in good shape and to prolong the life of the structure. Here are some tips to achieve all that.

Pay Attention to the Landscape

Roofs can get damaged not only directly, by the devastating forces of nature – they can also sustain severe damage if a large tree branch or a tree falls on them. The best way to prevent that from happening is through regular tree maintenance that should involve the inspection of large old trees every couple of months to check for dead limbs and the regular trimming of the trees to remove weakened or dead branches. Special attention should be paid to the trees that have branches overhanging the roof.

Regular Gutter Cleaning

No roof can stay healthy for long if the drainage system that surrounds it is clogged or damaged and it is unable to fulfil its role of directing water safely away from the roof and from the walls. Gutter problems can be easily avoided through regular check-ups and cleaning – ideally, you should inspect and clean your gutters not only in spring and fall, but also after any storm that could have filled the pipes with debris or that might have loosened the gutter fasteners.

Regular Roof Inspection and Cleaning

Most roof types are sensitive to the accumulation of debris as well as to ponding water, therefore keeping roof surfaces clean at all time is essential for keeping the roof in good condition. Perform a thorough inspection of the roof every spring and fall and always clean the roof surface afterwards, too. During the inspection, pay special attention to the sensitive areas that are more prone to damage, such as the areas covered in flashing and the roof valleys. As for the cleaning, use a method that is gentle, but efficient, such as cleaning with a brush or a broom on a long stick or cleaning with a mild jet from a garden hose, but stay away from pressure waters – the strong jet can hurt your roof and power-washing might also void the roof warranty.

Perform the Necessary Repairs in a Timely Manner

If your inspections reveal any damage on your roof or in your gutters, make sure to address the issued detected soon. Roofing problems, even seemingly minor ones, such as small punctures, tears or cracks, can turn into a major issue very quickly, therefore timely repairs are essential for maintaining your roof in good condition. If you are confident that you know how to fix the issues found and if you are comfortable working at heights, you can perform minor repairs on your own, but if the repair exceeds your experience, hiring a professional Atlanta commercial roofing contractor for the job is the best decision.