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Land surveyors are professionals who provide precise measurement services to determine property features and to provide description of the properties on a particular plot of land and who issue documents the shape and the contour of the land for engineering and construction projects.

The Duties Fulfilled by Land Surveyors

Some of the tasks undertaken by land surveyors are performed on the terrain to be assessed, while others are performed in the surveyor’s office. Here are some of the most common duties:

  • Measuring the distance and the angles between two points on a plot of land;
  • Determining the exact size and location of important features on a plot;
  • Recording the survey results on maps and in other documents;
  • Research performed in land records, registries, land title archives and other data bases;
  • Preparing survey reports for various purposes, in compliance with specific documentational requirements;
  • Establishing official property boundaries to be used for leases, deeds and other real estate transactions.

The services of a land surveyor are usually needed whenever a property changes owners or users as well as before any construction or demolition project is started.

How Land Surveyors Work

Surveyors Colorado Springs area use advanced technologies to perform the measurements as well as computer programs to record the results of their surveys. While working on the terrain, they usually perform their measurements with the help of the Global Positioning System, a satellite system used for precise location of land reference point and Geographic Information Systems that allow surveyors to visualize spatial information on maps.

The Education and Training Required to Become a Land Surveyor

Land surveyors need a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in a field related to land surveying, such as civil engineering or they need to complete a study program designed especially for preparing land surveyors. Most states also require land surveyors to obtain a state-issued license before allowing them to practice through their own business or to be employed by a title company or by a larger land surveying company. The licensing process comes with exacting requirements: candidates need to have at least 4 years of experience in the field as well as supervised training before they can register for the licensing exams.

The Qualities Needed by Land Surveyors

Land survey processes are all about precision, so attention to detail and a high level of accuracy is essential for the work of a land surveyor. Land surveyors also need to communicate with their clients all the time, providing descriptions of the work processes involved as well as of the results of the survey, therefore great communication skills are also essential. Much of the work of a surveyor being performed outdoor, often on difficult terrain and among unfavorable weather circumstance, land surveyors need good physical condition and stamina as well. Good problem-solving skills are also essential – land surveyors are often involved in land disputes between the owners of neighboring plats of land, therefore they need to be able to reveal any discrepancies between older records and more recent measurements.