If you are looking for the perfect fence for your home, you are surely overwhelmed with all the designs that you see in the streets or in design magazines online and offline. However, fences, like any component of the home that fulfills aesthetic and practical roles, are governed by trends – here are some of the latest ones identified by Brighton fencing pros.

Floral Fences and Green Fences

The solution is attractive and cheap as well – you can choose any type of cheap and sturdy fence material and any climbing plant suitable for the microclimate of your garden and create a green fence that shelters your property against curious eyes and is a delight to look at. Versatile green fences, however, need quite a lot of maintenance – the climbing plants need to be pruned, weeded and watered and the sustaining structure also needs to be inspected regularly for faults.

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Horizontal Fences

Whether made from wood, metal or vinyl, the fences that use boards installed horizontally between the posts are very trendy. The attractive design offers all the privacy that you need and it also requires less material than the fences that use vertically installed boards – you will need fewer posts and fewer boards or panels as well.

Rustic Fences

Rustic and vintage design never go out of fashion – the fences and gates that look aged can be perfect not only for old buildings, but for new homes that can benefit from a contrasting fence and gate style.

Mixed Styles

Mixing and matching styles and materials is another great way to create a trendy fence. You can combine a masonry wall with wrought iron or aluminum components on top or a combination of metal segments and wood. Combining modern segments with more traditional components is also a great way to achieve a stylish look.

Playing with Colors

Using colors on the fence is also a solution that is very popular these days. Combining natural colors with more striking shades, such as red or blue can look great, especially if the building on the property also has accents in that brighter color. Dark-colored fences, such as dark brown or even black are also great for creating an elegant environment.

If you find the solution appealing, make sure to consult the building regulations or HOA covenants applicable to the homes in your area – many of them have regulations regarding the colors that can be used on house exteriors and on fences.

Privacy Screens

These popular fence types are not used to mark property limits – they are installed on the property to delimit areas that serve specific purposes, such as to provide more privacy around the pool or to delimit man-caves. Most privacy screen are not full fences, what’s more, in many cases they are more like mobile paravanes and they can be used not only to separate areas, but also to improve the privacy provided by the existing fence. Privacy screens come in many attractive designs, in many sizes and as they do not require extensive building work, they are very affordable as well.