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How are Dogs Trained to Locate Bed Bugs?

Any type of house, whether it is luxurious or modest, clean or unhealthy, can be a paradise for bed bugs. You should not be ashamed if these insects end up infesting your home. It is important to act quickly to eliminate them.

Bedbugs first appeared in Asia and spread rapidly in Europe with the help of humans. They can only appear in people’s homes or in poultry farms raised in the yard.

It might be an inconvenient truth, but people are the ones who allow bedbugs to spread all over the world, and tourism is the main cause, because these small pests can be easily collected from hotels, via  luggage, clothes etc. and transported somewhere else. You can also bring bedbugs in your home from cinemas and they will lay eggs and multiply in a very short time. The female can lay up to 500 eggs in a period of two months (in batches of up to 50 eggs). They get glued to the furniture or other suitable places with a transparent secretion.

Moreover, bed bugs can live up for several months even if they do not feed. You will always find them close to the hosts they feed on, i.e. in cracks in the parquet, behind the wallpaper, in the bed mattress, under the carpets or in light switches.

find bed bugs Denver

Be careful, they are attracted to the carbon dioxide that people exhale when they sleep, the heat emitted by the human body and will feed on human blood. When they do it, you will not feel the bite immediately because the insect also injects an anesthetic, but after a while it will become visible and likely itchy.

How to detect them?

If you do not see bed bugs, check the following clues:

  • Mosquito-like insect bites
  • Itchy skin
  • Black dots on the seams of the mattresses
  • Small blood stains on the sheets and blankets

Why you should go to a company that deals with bed bugs

If you fail to solve the bed bug problem on your own by washing, disinfecting and throwing away certain objects in which the bugs have made their nest, you should not panic or feel defeated; instead, you should use the services of a company that deals with pest-control. To find bed bugs Denver Advanced K9 Bed Bugs specialists offer state-of-the-art services to combat these annoying insects and have specially trained staff.


What people know less is that, in addition to all sorts of substances and techniques used in the process of eliminating these insects, many pest-control companies also have dogs specially trained to find bed bug nests.

These detector dogs are very efficient because they mainly use olfactory skills when identifying bed bugs. They are also very precise, being able to identify as few as one or two insects. Training is essential for a dog to reach such performances, and it is possible through adequate verbal reward system, but also through modified food. Trained bed bug detector dogs can also discriminate several types of bed bugs with an accuracy of more than 97%.



How to Find Secure Custom Gates and Controls

The level of security, established by implementing the access control system, will be determined by the criticality and vulnerability of people, information and property of the organization. The role of technology is to support the security strategy of the organization. The interdependence between the three precious assets of any enterprise, together with the planning and the design phase precede the elaboration of the Security Management Plan; this being supported by security technologies.

Access control technology is no longer in the “what if?” phase, but has become rather a “standard”, offering security practitioners a new set of innovations that increase the efficiency of access control in their organizations. These revolutionary developments can add value to the business by reducing costs and increasing revenue for those who know how to improve the security operations of their companies.

Thanks to the technology that is made available to us by different manufacturers of accessories and high-performance systems, we can move to the next level in terms of control and security of properties. Whether it is a company, a residential complex or even a personal home, there are a number of additional measures that can strengthen daily security and comfort: installing video surveillance cameras, installing alarm systems and custom automated gates.

Gate automation provided by specialized companies – an additional measure for comfort, protection and safety

When it comes to property protection, no investment is in vain. The automation of existing gates or the installation of custom gates with integrated automatic control system is not only a plus for protection and restriction of unwanted access, but also a matter of comfort. Automated gates allow remote control, whenever you enter or exit the gate.

What are the recommendations of specialists in the selection of secure custom gates and controls?

Once you have decided to automate your gate, you will need to choose the appropriate devices. The specialists provide the complete package for making this useful change: complete automation systems, related accessories and professional installation and maintenance services.

To choose the right system, the starting point is to identify the type of door opening type; there are systems for swing gates and systems for sliding gates:

  • Swing gate automation systems – with the traditional opening system.
  • Sliding gate automation systems – sliding gates are modern and open horizontally, so you will need devices made for this type of automation.

To find secure custom gates and controls for your property, you need to work with a reliable gate installation Denver company providing quality products and services.

gate installation Denver companies

The benefits generated by the automation of the gates are felt by the beneficiaries immediately after installation: In the case of domestic applications, users benefit from the comfort of opening the gates without leaving their cars, while in the case of companies, the work and control tasks of the security agents are optimized.

The specialists provide complete services for gate automation, accessories for installation, maintenance and repairs, but also other related products:

  • complete installation services for gate automation and access roads for industrial and residential applications
  • installation services for garage door automation
  • other specific products.

Commercial Roof Designs and Products

Commercial roofing today is no longer a plain, flat structure that serves only a functional role. Modern commercial roofs can be low-sloping and pitched as well and the range of the materials used for building those roofs is also varied. Here are some of the most common roof design options and the most appreciated roofing materials

Types of Commercial Roofing Systems

The most common roof type used on commercial buildings is the flat roof. The solution is the most cost-effective one – the roof being almost completely horizontal, it requires less material and is much easier to build than pitched roofs. Flat structures come with many benefits other than easy and economical installation – flat roofs are easier to maintain and repair and they have a superior ability to withstand high winds as well. Like any roofing type, flat roofs also have cons, one of the most commonly cited ones being poor drainage – water tends to pool on surfaces that are almost flat, but the problem can be easily solved with the help of the right drainage system.

Low-sloping and pitched roofs are also often used on commercial buildings. They come with very distinct pros and cons, too: on the con side, these roofs drain more efficiently than flat structures, but they are somewhat more difficult to install and to repair.

commercial roofer Connecticut

The Most Common Roofing Materials Used on Commercial Facilities

Here are some of the most common materials used for building commercial roofs:

  • Metal – the large sheets or shingles are made from very durable metal alloys that can withstand almost any weather and offer long-lasting performance. The installation of the material is quick and easy and so is maintenance, but the material is sensitive to ponding water, therefore increased attention must be paid to ensure proper drainage at all time. Metal is suitable for flat and pitched structures as well;
  • TPO membranes – thermoplastic polyolefin is a cost-efficient, resistant and durable, single-ply membrane, mostly used on flat roofs. The material is very flexible, resistant to punctures and other forms of impact, resistant to fungus and it also has superior reflective properties, being a great fit for buildings located in hot climate areas that need increased energy-efficiency;
  • Built-up roofs – suitable for flat roofing, the solution uses alternate layers of asphalt-coated or bitumen-coated sheets and gravel or some other type of aggregate to create roofs that are low-cost and can withstand any ordeal. The roof system is preferred for its low costs and low maintenance needs.

The products used on commercial roofs include not only the roofing material itself, but various coating products as well. According to a commercial roofer Connecticut pro, most materials used for building commercial roofs can be coated for enhancing one or several of the material’s performance in certain fields. Some coating products, for example, act as waterproofing sealants that prevent the direct contact between the roofing surface and rain or snow, while others are applied to enhance the roof’s energy efficiency by preventing the absorption of solar heat, thus ensuring that the roof does not transfer excessive heat toward the building interior. These coats need to be reapplied every couple of years.


Advantages Of Using Certified Roofers

certified roof repair aurora contractorA roofing company is required to meet certain conditions in order to operate legally. First of all, it must be licensed and certified for the execution of the installation, repairs and maintenance of the roofs. Secondly, it is required to have qualified personnel for performing specific tasks. Also, all works must be supervised, so the roofing company must have authorized personnel to keep an eye on the execution and be technically responsible for it. A professional roofer should also have an authorized laboratory for testing roofing materials or be certified by reputable manufacturers (e.g. GAF certification).

Hiring a certified roofer guarantees you contractual rights. There is or should always be a contract signed between you and the roofer you work with. This contract allows you to claim compensation if the company does not respect quality standards, deadlines or other agreements.

Make sure the value of the works is mentioned in the contract (otherwise, how could you claim compensation, if you cannot quantify the value of the damage?), as well as the duration of the execution and the way of settling the work. Also include the value of workmanship warranty, which, according to the legal provisions, is constituted by the contractor in order to ensure the quantitative and qualitative compliance during the contractual period.

In order to obtain a license from their state, Aurora roof repair contractors must be able to prove their expertise, which is done by passing certain tests. Similarly, in order to become certified by manufacturers and associations in their business, roofing companies must prove their long term compliance with quality standards. So, when you hire a certified contractor, you automatically know that they are up-to-date with the latest best practices related to roof installation, repairs and maintenance. This includes technologies, materials and also local building codes. With an unlicensed and uncertified roofer, you have no such guarantees, and the success of the project is random.

Another benefit of working with a certified roofer is that you will never be asked for illegal payment. There are many ill-reputed companies in this business, just like in other industries, but you will not have to worry about being scammed if you hire a certified roof. Everything – from the costs of materials and accessories to the price of workmanship – is transparent and there will be no requirements to pay upfront and no hidden fees either.

A certified roofer also carries adequate insurance, so in no way you could be liable for costs, should any accident happens on your property during the project (injured workers or property damage). Being properly insured is just another way of a certified roofer to stand behind its work. You can also be sure that it will also be there to fix things that may go wrong, because it offers top warranty options. A certified roofer will bring you superior protection against manufacturing and material defects, as well as potential workmanship errors.

All these advantages will definitely bring you peace of mind knowing that your money were invested in the quality of the roof above your head.



DIY Mold Inspection Tips

water damage home inspection

Since ancient times, medicine tells us that fresh, clean air is one of the most important elements that affect our physical and mental health. In other words, without clean air, the body cannot function at full capacity. And when the body is not well, our mental state will suffer too, preventing us from thinking clearly and making decisions easily.

Without oxygen, humans cannot survive. With a polluted air, we can live, but not without the disease settling sooner or later, depending on the resistance of our organism to pathogens. Precisely for this reason, doctors associate mold deposits in the house with a wide range of conditions, not just respiratory allergies. Some studies associate inhalation of mold spores with toxic depression or even bizarre cases of death. And if that wasn’t enough, other research in the field shows that, with every mouthful of air we inhale, we introduce more toxic substances into our bodies than oxygen.

Where is the mold hiding?

Most types of mold are microscopic fungi that grow on a host, such as, for example, a slice of bread, or a wet kitchen countertop. The green mold that usually appears on the bread is visible and it is made up of hundreds or thousands of spores connected together by means of tubular arms, to create a single organism. In addition to these visible organisms, a surprising amount of other types of mold spores can float in the air, invisible without a microscope. This is why, many times, mold can be difficult to find and, especially, difficult to remove. Sometimes the only indicator you have is a heavy smell.

Mold can be formed on any organic substance and loves moist and warm environments. Therefore, it can appear on fruits, on the walls of the bathroom, on old newspapers, on wallpapers or even inside leather clothes. Most of the time, it appears in the cellars and bathrooms, the most humid places in the house. But it can develop anywhere, which is why, especially during the hot season, it is good to have at least one dehumidifier in the house.

Mold spores can attach to our body or that of our pets and thus infest many surfaces in the home. Many times, our houses are affected by mold formed in the cracks of the walls or in other hidden places. If during DIY inspections you cannot spot it in any of these places, you should additionally check the parquet, the carpets, the back of wardrobes as well as other pieces of furniture.

How to stay away from mold

To keep molds away, it is advisable to maintain humidity levels as low as possible – no more than 50% – throughout the day. You can use an air conditioner or dehumidifier during particularly wet weather. Contact Phoenix water damage experts to inspect all water sources in your home and take precaution to excess water risks.  Make sure your home is well ventilated, including the bathrooms and kitchens, because in these areas there is also moisture resulted from human activity (cooking, bathing) and they are particularly prone to be affected by mold formation.


New Trends in Residential Fences

If you are looking for the perfect fence for your home, you are surely overwhelmed with all the designs that you see in the streets or in design magazines online and offline. However, fences, like any component of the home that fulfills aesthetic and practical roles, are governed by trends – here are some of the latest ones identified by Brighton fencing pros.

Floral Fences and Green Fences

The solution is attractive and cheap as well – you can choose any type of cheap and sturdy fence material and any climbing plant suitable for the microclimate of your garden and create a green fence that shelters your property against curious eyes and is a delight to look at. Versatile green fences, however, need quite a lot of maintenance – the climbing plants need to be pruned, weeded and watered and the sustaining structure also needs to be inspected regularly for faults.

Brighton fencing

Horizontal Fences

Whether made from wood, metal or vinyl, the fences that use boards installed horizontally between the posts are very trendy. The attractive design offers all the privacy that you need and it also requires less material than the fences that use vertically installed boards – you will need fewer posts and fewer boards or panels as well.

Rustic Fences

Rustic and vintage design never go out of fashion – the fences and gates that look aged can be perfect not only for old buildings, but for new homes that can benefit from a contrasting fence and gate style.

Mixed Styles

Mixing and matching styles and materials is another great way to create a trendy fence. You can combine a masonry wall with wrought iron or aluminum components on top or a combination of metal segments and wood. Combining modern segments with more traditional components is also a great way to achieve a stylish look.

Playing with Colors

Using colors on the fence is also a solution that is very popular these days. Combining natural colors with more striking shades, such as red or blue can look great, especially if the building on the property also has accents in that brighter color. Dark-colored fences, such as dark brown or even black are also great for creating an elegant environment.

If you find the solution appealing, make sure to consult the building regulations or HOA covenants applicable to the homes in your area – many of them have regulations regarding the colors that can be used on house exteriors and on fences.

Privacy Screens

These popular fence types are not used to mark property limits – they are installed on the property to delimit areas that serve specific purposes, such as to provide more privacy around the pool or to delimit man-caves. Most privacy screen are not full fences, what’s more, in many cases they are more like mobile paravanes and they can be used not only to separate areas, but also to improve the privacy provided by the existing fence. Privacy screens come in many attractive designs, in many sizes and as they do not require extensive building work, they are very affordable as well.

How to Shop For a Forklift – Tips and Ideas

Tips And Ideas When Purchasing A Forklift

Buying a forklift for your company’s warehouse is an important and very complex decision that is best made after carefully assessing numerous factors – here are a few tips about how to shop for a forklift and about the aspects to bear in mind when selecting the machine to buy.

Identifying Requirements

Forklifts vary in terms of the size and the weight of the machine itself as well as in terms of the weight that they can load and of the height they can lift the weight to. To be able to make the right decision, assess the typical weight that needs to be lifted, measure the height to which your loads need to be lifted and also measure the space in which the forklift will be maneuvered. Also try to determine whether the forklift will work indoors, outdoors or both – this aspect will determine not only the size of your machine, but also the type of accessories it needs to be fitted with.

If your forklift will be used in a special environment, such is in a warehouse or in a production area with special requirements in terms of hygiene or in a factory that uses highly explosive substances, make sure that the forklift that you buy is able to meet the special requirements in the area of application. Most forklift manufacturers have special products, such as explosion-proof equipment or machines fitted with white, sterile tires for these special environments.

New versus Second-Hand

Try to determine how much you will need to use the forklift as well. If you use it for less than fours a day, you can probably use a second-hand machine, and can always find used forklifts Colorado businesses are no longer using, but if your machine will need to work almost all the time, you will be probably better off buying a new machine.

Fuel Options

In terms of the fuel used, forklifts are available either with engines that use electricity as a power source or with internal combustion engines that use petrol, diesel fuel or LPG as a fuel source. Each of the solutions come with advantages:

  • Electric forklifts use batteries or fuel cells that are recharged from an electric power supply, which makes them environment-friendly and cheap to operate; but requires the machine to stay relatively close to the power source, so these units might not be the best choice for being extensively used outdoors. Charging the large battery of electric forklifts usually takes a few hours, so they cannot be instantly re-fueled;
  • Forklifts fitted with internal combustion engines are more flexible and more versatile, suitable for outdoors as well as for indoors operations, refueling is quick and easy, but they are more expensive to operate and to maintain.

See the Machine with Your Own Eyes before You Buy It

You need to check every function and feature of the machine you have picked and to test it before you buy it. If you are not an expert yourself, find a qualified machine operator or mechanic to a accompany you – buying a forklift, even a small, used one, is an investment that needs to be made carefully.

Commercial Security Camera Technology – Origins, Development and Features

News About Security Camera Systems

Commercial security camera technology, also known as close-circuit TV or CCTV is evolving rapidly to meet the growing security needs of companies – the self-contained camera systems that integrate not only cameras, but displays, sensors, recorders and other components that ensure the permanent surveillance of company premises are continuously refined and developed. The technology has come a long way since it was invented – here is a little history of camera surveillance and a few of the most common features and benefits of modern CCTV.

A Little History

The first cameras suitable for recording motion pictures were invented in the 1880’s by two inventors, Thomas Edison and William Dickinson. Initially, the two worked on different concepts, but then they joined forces and in 1893 they made the first public demonstration using a motion picture camera they developed together. The invention became quickly popular and was further developed – in 1939, the first portable cameras appeared and in 1942 the first CCTV system was developed by German scientists to monitor rocket launches. In 1951, the first video recorder was assembled and it took only five years to make the device an integral component of CCTV surveillance systems.

The technology was initially adopted by the police to monitor the streets and to make the identification of criminals easier. Individuals and corporations started to see the benefits of surveillance camera Denver area systems soon, so the technology quickly spread to the non-government market. The first companies that had such systems installed were banks, initially using the cameras to monitor high-profile locations, but soon the systems spread and were used by other businesses and in homes as well.

The first IP cameras that were able to send video images using computer networks appeared in 1996 and have since become the standard for surveillance systems all over the world. Now, even the most advanced, connected systems are available for smaller companies as well as for homes, increasing the security of properties, corporate premises and assets.

The Benefits of Security Cameras

The most important benefit of deploying CCTV cameras is, obviously, enhanced security, but it is not the only one – here are some more:

  • Deterring crime – having CCTV cameras installed in places where they are visible is known to be very effective in deterring crimes against property, such as stealing, robbery and vandalism as well as assaults in public places;
  • Monitoring public places for enabling quicker response – monitoring the streets, the roads and the highway allows first response teams to arrive at accident sites more quickly, thus making intervention more efficient and human lives safer;
  • Retrievable records – CCTV camera systems usually record the images captures and the footages are stored for a certain amount of time before they are deleted. The records can be used to reconstruct events and to aid the work of police officers and detectives;
  • Peace of mind, wherever you are – IP cameras have made remote monitoring possible, allowing company managers and homeowners to see what is going on the monitored property anytime, wherever they are, even if they are thousands of miles away.


Things to Learn Before Starting An Excavation Project On Your Property

Safety Tips Before Starting Home Projects

Before starting an excavation project on your property, you must be aware that you are not allowed to dig however you like. There are legal regulations that require preparations; they include not only the necessary environment and tools for digging/ excavating, but also the measures to be taken in order to dig safely, without damaging underground utilities.


Types of underground utilities and how they are marked

Some people associate the words “underground utilities” with phone and power lines, but in reality there is an entire network of buried lines that include water, gas and oil pipes, different types of cables, wires etc. Damaging them can cause severe consequences, from loss of vital services and isolating an entire community, to environmental damage and human injury.

There is a penalty system in each state, for failing to comply to digging regulations, because preventing damage to underground wire location utilities is everyone`s responsibility. Locating and marking these utilities before starting an excavation project is essential and homeowners must call for professional locators anytime they plan to dig holes deeper than 12 inches.

Typically, there are some uniform marking symbols, as well as a national coloring coding system for different types of buried utilities.

  • Electric lines and cables – red
  • Gas, oil and other flammable materials – yellow
  • Sewage and drain lines – green
  • Drinking water – blue
  • Irrigation, reclaimed water – purple
  • Telecommunications – orange
  • Unidentified or temporary facilities – pink


Other things to learn before starting an excavation project

Luckily, you do not have to worry about finding utility locators. There is a number that you can dial from each state that will put you in contact with an operator from a call center. After providing some information about your digging project and your location, you will be contacted by utility locators sent by companies that have buried utilities on your area. They will mark these utilities for you and once their work is over, you can start digging/ excavating safely.

Call 811 at least two business days before you begin your digging project.

If you damage a buried utility, you must not ignore it or attempt to repair it yourself, as it may be very dangerous for people’s life, health, properties as well as for the environment. You must immediately stop all excavation in the area, evacuate everyone from the immediate vicinity and call 911.

There are penalty systems, in each state, for ignoring making the right preparations for digging safely, depending on the severity of the mistakes and the damage. Penalties include fines, attending educational programs, as well as enforcement actions.

Depending on the size of your excavating project, here are other things to consider in order to ensure safety:

  • Placement of excavated soil and materials
  • Ground disturbances
  • Hazardous substances or water in the soil
  • Hazardous atmosphere on the excavating site
  • Influence on structures situated near the excavation site
  • Earth or rock falls, as well as other potential falling objects
  • Safe access on the excavating site
  • Weather and natural hazards
  • Geotechnical site assessment
  • Traffic management plan
  • Providing suitable lighting on the excavation site


The Most Common Industrial Uses for Steel Buildings

Industrial Steel Building

Structural steel is the ideal material for creating really large structures that are at the same time resistant to any impact and to any climate, therefore steel construction is the preferred solution for numerous applications – here are some of the most common industrial uses for steel buildings.

Warehouses and Other Types of Storage

Perhaps this is the most common application of steel buildings. Steel construction is completely customizable in terms of size, type, accessorizing and insulation. Due to this extraordinary flexibility, the buildings made from steel can be used for safely storing materials and products that are durable and resistant to changing temperatures and fluctuating humidity as well as for storing items that need to a controlled environment. The feature makes steel buildings suitable for storing anything from merchandise to chemicals and from produce and grains to food products.

Steel buildings are also commonly used for storing equipment, providing valuable tools and high-end machines perfect accommodation and the highest level of protection against the elements as well as against thieves and intruders.

Steel building construction is widely used in the logistics industry as well – metal buildings make excellent distribution centers.


Steel buildings provide efficient solutions for storing vehicles as well. Steel allows for creating buildings of any size, allowing companies to have garages of exactly the size they need. The size of your steel construction can be modified to accommodate the company’s growing needs – adding some extra space is very easy with steel buildings.

Production Facilities

Many companies nowadays choose to move their production lines to steel buildings. Steel construction allows the owner to organize the interior space to accommodate any type of machinery or product line – with proper insulation, steel buildings are perfect for sensitive industrial processes that need a controlled environment.

Office Buildings

Pre-fabricated steel buildings can be customized not only to meet the requirements of industrial processes or storage – they can be customized to accommodate offices and company archives in a comfortable and stylish manner.

Steel buildings being fully customizable down to the tiniest detail, they are the perfect choice for company headquarters that need to be not only functional, but attractive as well. Moving your offices into a well-designed steel building can help you create the corporate identity that you are looking for, making the positive first impression that you want to make on your clients and customers. The stylish comfort of your steel office building will also boost the creativity and the productivity of your office teams.

Stations and Terminals

Steel buildings are widespread in the transport industry as well. Many railway stations, metro terminals, airport terminals and airport hangars are nowadays steel buildings, preferred for the low construction costs, the high durability and the extraordinary resistance to the elements.

Buildings for the Hospitality Industry

The low construction costs paired with the endless design options, the durability paired with resistance and energy-efficiency are attractive for businesses in the hospitality industry as well, therefore more and more hotels, spas, restaurants, bars and eateries choose to operate from steel buildings.

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