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What Is Utility Potholing?

There has been a great deal of talk about potholing and what it’s helpful for. While most homeowners and business owners might not have heard about it, potholing is actually a very essential part of the construction process. It arms construction experts with knowledge about the underground layout of cables, wires and pipes that you might not even have known about.

Utility potholing is used specifically for finding underground utilities that are not documented or finding the precise locations of various pipes and utility cables that might be underneath a real estate property. Whether you’re a business owner trying to erect a new building or a homeowner looking to install a larger swimming pool, you can use utility potholing services to find these utilities and avoid them during the excavation process.


What Potholing Is All About

Potholing is basically the process of drilling a small hole in the ground to find out what’s underneath the surface. It can often be used to detect utilities, water mains and gas lines that run underneath your property and could cause a lot of problems if you begin digging to create the foundation of a new building without accounting for them.

Even though potholing is used primarily for finding utility lines, there are other uses for the process as well, and it is still essential to know what it’s all about in general, before considering hiring a contractor to get it done. Potholing can be used not only for finding the whereabouts of utility lines that don’t show up in any document, but also for assessing the structural integrity of the ground before a major construction project or to help with the repair or replacement of underground piping and utilities that are old or have been damaged.

Potholing is a highly effective process of detection which allows construction experts to figure out exactly how they have to modify their excavation plans to avoid any issues an achieve ideal stability for the future construction. Whether for that purpose, or to track an old gas pipe that could cause serious problems if it’s not detected,

Finding Hidden Utility Lines

Utility potholing procedures are used specifically to find undocumented utility lines, and as many experts agree, they have to be used by professionals who have a great deal of experience with this type of work. Failing to properly assess the location of such utility lines can lead to them being damaged during excavation and the property owner will most likely have to cover the repairs.

Potholing is used to find unknown utility lines by drilling holes in areas on the property where the lines are assumed to be located. Damage has to be minimized, and the process of figuring out where the pipes and cables might be is equally as important as the actual potholing work itself.

It’s typically best to hire a hydro excavation service for the purpose of finding and documenting the layout of these utility lines, since  hydrovac is the least damaging method of drilling potholes. Dependable contractors such as Vacuum Dig are the best for the job, and they can also assist you with many other services associated with vacuum and hydrovac solutions.

Andersen Windows: Are They Worth the Investment?

Andersen windows

Andersen windows are well-known and appreciated all over the nation – one of the largest window manufacturers in the country is renowned for the excellent quality of their products as well as for their stellar customer service. When it comes to pricing, though, there are surely numerous cheaper options available, but the investment is surely worthwhile. Here is why.

A Variety of Styles and Types

Whether you are looking for a set of a specific type of window in identical or different sizes or you need windows that are different in type as well, you will surely find what you are looking for in the Andersen range. The company provides products in all the major styles: awning, bay, casement, gliding, picture, single- and double-hung varieties are just as readily available as windows that feature specialty shapes.

Materials of the Highest Quality

Andersen is a window manufacturer with a tradition going back to over a century in making windows – plenty of time to figure out what the best window materials are as well as to determine the right direction for innovation. Andersen today offers window varieties that use the most common and most sought-after materials on the market, namely wood, aluminum, vinyl and fiberglass as well as their own special material, Fibrex, a composite material featuring an extremely strong and durable combination of wood fibers and thermoplastic polymer.

Andersen windows are strong not only at the frames – the company offers a variety of glass solutions as well, among them products designed for coastal areas, where the glass needs to stand up to much more than in calmer, landlocked regions, such as extreme winds and strong impact caused by windborne debris.

Renewal by Andersen

Andersen is well-known and appreciated for their excellent customer service and dedication to offering their customers exactly what they need. Besides the great window design tool available on the company’s website and the option to get advice and assistance over the phone, Andersen also has a special window replacement service that assists the customer every step of the way and that comes with a wide range of affordable windows, too. The Renewal by Andersen process starts with a design consultation either in the form of an in-home meeting or via a virtual meeting between the customer and the consultant to discuss design needs and options, it continues with professional measurements taken by Andersen’s approved local technicians and the manufacturing of the windows to the client’s exact specs and concludes with the professional installation of the windows. Andersen continues to stand by their customers even after the installation of the products purchased in the form of outstanding warranties and customer after-care.

Outstanding Warranties

Andersen products are categorized into the Andersen range and the Renewal by Andersen range. The warranty on the glass inserted in the frames is 20 years and the non-glass components are warranted for 10 years. The products in the Renewal by Andersen class being available only with professional installation provided by Andersen-approved technicians, the windows in the category get a 2-year warranty on the installation as well.

Tips To Keeping the Roof on Your Building in Great Shape

Atlanta commercial roofing

Property ownership, whether it is a residential building, a commercial or industrial facility, comes with lots of maintenance tasks that should include some attention paid to the roof. The topmost layer on any roof is constantly exposed to the elements, taking much of the beating the building gets from the rain, the sun, from winds, cold and high heat. Roofing materials are developed to stand up to all this hassle, but even so, building owners can still do a lot to keep their roofs in good shape and to prolong the life of the structure. Here are some tips to achieve all that.

Pay Attention to the Landscape

Roofs can get damaged not only directly, by the devastating forces of nature – they can also sustain severe damage if a large tree branch or a tree falls on them. The best way to prevent that from happening is through regular tree maintenance that should involve the inspection of large old trees every couple of months to check for dead limbs and the regular trimming of the trees to remove weakened or dead branches. Special attention should be paid to the trees that have branches overhanging the roof.

Regular Gutter Cleaning

No roof can stay healthy for long if the drainage system that surrounds it is clogged or damaged and it is unable to fulfil its role of directing water safely away from the roof and from the walls. Gutter problems can be easily avoided through regular check-ups and cleaning – ideally, you should inspect and clean your gutters not only in spring and fall, but also after any storm that could have filled the pipes with debris or that might have loosened the gutter fasteners.

Regular Roof Inspection and Cleaning

Most roof types are sensitive to the accumulation of debris as well as to ponding water, therefore keeping roof surfaces clean at all time is essential for keeping the roof in good condition. Perform a thorough inspection of the roof every spring and fall and always clean the roof surface afterwards, too. During the inspection, pay special attention to the sensitive areas that are more prone to damage, such as the areas covered in flashing and the roof valleys. As for the cleaning, use a method that is gentle, but efficient, such as cleaning with a brush or a broom on a long stick or cleaning with a mild jet from a garden hose, but stay away from pressure waters – the strong jet can hurt your roof and power-washing might also void the roof warranty.

Perform the Necessary Repairs in a Timely Manner

If your inspections reveal any damage on your roof or in your gutters, make sure to address the issued detected soon. Roofing problems, even seemingly minor ones, such as small punctures, tears or cracks, can turn into a major issue very quickly, therefore timely repairs are essential for maintaining your roof in good condition. If you are confident that you know how to fix the issues found and if you are comfortable working at heights, you can perform minor repairs on your own, but if the repair exceeds your experience, hiring a professional Atlanta commercial roofing contractor for the job is the best decision.

What Do Land Surveyors Do?

land surveyors construction colorado springs

Land surveyors are professionals who provide precise measurement services to determine property features and to provide description of the properties on a particular plot of land and who issue documents the shape and the contour of the land for engineering and construction projects.

The Duties Fulfilled by Land Surveyors

Some of the tasks undertaken by land surveyors are performed on the terrain to be assessed, while others are performed in the surveyor’s office. Here are some of the most common duties:

  • Measuring the distance and the angles between two points on a plot of land;
  • Determining the exact size and location of important features on a plot;
  • Recording the survey results on maps and in other documents;
  • Research performed in land records, registries, land title archives and other data bases;
  • Preparing survey reports for various purposes, in compliance with specific documentational requirements;
  • Establishing official property boundaries to be used for leases, deeds and other real estate transactions.

The services of a land surveyor are usually needed whenever a property changes owners or users as well as before any construction or demolition project is started.

How Land Surveyors Work

Surveyors Colorado Springs area use advanced technologies to perform the measurements as well as computer programs to record the results of their surveys. While working on the terrain, they usually perform their measurements with the help of the Global Positioning System, a satellite system used for precise location of land reference point and Geographic Information Systems that allow surveyors to visualize spatial information on maps.

The Education and Training Required to Become a Land Surveyor

Land surveyors need a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in a field related to land surveying, such as civil engineering or they need to complete a study program designed especially for preparing land surveyors. Most states also require land surveyors to obtain a state-issued license before allowing them to practice through their own business or to be employed by a title company or by a larger land surveying company. The licensing process comes with exacting requirements: candidates need to have at least 4 years of experience in the field as well as supervised training before they can register for the licensing exams.

The Qualities Needed by Land Surveyors

Land survey processes are all about precision, so attention to detail and a high level of accuracy is essential for the work of a land surveyor. Land surveyors also need to communicate with their clients all the time, providing descriptions of the work processes involved as well as of the results of the survey, therefore great communication skills are also essential. Much of the work of a surveyor being performed outdoor, often on difficult terrain and among unfavorable weather circumstance, land surveyors need good physical condition and stamina as well. Good problem-solving skills are also essential – land surveyors are often involved in land disputes between the owners of neighboring plats of land, therefore they need to be able to reveal any discrepancies between older records and more recent measurements.

What Are Some of the Best Ways to Maintain a New Roof?

After having a new roof installed and finding out that it’s expected to last in excess of 20-30 years, you might think that your work is done and you can just ignore your roof at least for the first 4-5 years after it was installed. However, as with everything, even the best roofing structure can crumble or at least suffer heavy damage if it’s not properly maintained.

So how do you maintain a newly installed roof? Even though the work might not be too difficult or overwhelming, there is still work to be done and some of it might be challenging.

Tyler TX roofer

The Frequency of Roof Maintenance

First, you have to make sure you know how often to consider engaging in roof maintenance. According to a recommended Tyler TX roofer, for most types of roofing systems, twice a year is the best frequency, since it allows you to check on the state of the roof both after the cold, unforgiving winter and right before late autumn. That way, you’ll have enough time to hire a roofer to repair your roof before winter, and once the spring comes you don’t have to worry that the increased precipitation could harm your roof going forward.

For newer roofs, it is possible to just choose one time per year for roofing maintenance, but according to most roofers this isn’t recommended. By neglecting your roof for a full year, you run the risk of having to deal with more frequent damage and pay more for storm damage repair.

Adjust Your Maintenance to the Type of Roof You Own

Not all roofing systems are built the same. A sturdy steel roof won’t require as much maintenance as a wooden roof, and asphalt shingles are usually more vulnerable once they get older, when compared with other types of roofing.

The key is to adjust your maintenance depending on the type of roof you own. If the material of your roof is wood, make sure you check for termites, mold and water damage, and clear the roof of pests and nests as frequently as possible. For slate roofs, be sure to conduct frequent visual checks after a storm passes. Slate might be highly resilient in the long run, but it doesn’t always hold well when subjected to strong winds and hail. Going further, if you own a metal roof, make sure you check and double check the coating. If it starts to fade, then your roof will be more easily subjected to oxidation and rust.

Beware of Trees

Nearby trees can be great at providing shade, but once their branches grow, they can also become a problem for your roof’s safety and integrity. Tall trees present close to your home could have their branches blown close to your roof by the wind, and they could easily damage it. Also trees that are too close can easily transfer pests, birds and squirrels to your roof, and you’ll have a hard time getting rid of them.

Finally, it’s much harder to clean your gutters and clear away debris from your roof in the autumn, if the roof is constantly bombarded with dead leaves and broken branches. So make sure you replant trees that are too close, or at least cut away some of the branches that get dangerously close to your roofing and gutter system.

Finding OSHA 10 Training Solutions in Denver – What Should You Look for?

There are many educational materials associated with OSHA. Since it came out in 1970, the Occupational Safety and Health Act has aimed to provide workers and business owners with standards they can use to effectively enhance the safety and health level associated with their working conditions.

When your business is compliant with OSHA standards, you will find that an entirely new avenue of opportunities will open up, even if your industry doesn’t technically have a lot of strict OSHA-related standards. If that’s the case, the OSHA 10-hour training course will typically be enough to help you obtain the necessary training, information and certification for a safe workplace.

What Is the OSHA 10 Training Course?

The OSHA 10 General Industry Course is essentially a 10-hour class that will provide you with the essentials of the training needed for employees that operate in various industries not associated with construction. This course is basically designed to familiarize workers with OSHA standards and present some of the most essential requirements and safety practices they will need to know at the workplace.

Workers who take the 10-hour course will not only benefit from the OSHA 10 Card, but also gain important knowledge regarding how to recognize, prevent and manage various health and safety hazards. The course details also include the following training subjects alongside many others:

  • Training for ladder safety and fall/trip prevention;
  • Fire protection and the dangers of electrical hazards;
  • The use of personal protective equipment (PPE);
  • The dangers of using poorly maintained or improper equipment;
  • Training on the use of various chemical materials and combustible liquids and gases;
  • The cause and prevention of MSD and RMD injuries, as well as the prevention of chronic and acute medical problems.

OSHA 10 certification

Where to Look for Information on OSHA Training

OSHA training is typically provided per state. So it’s generally the same thing whether you live in Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs or any other area of the state of Colorado. You’ll have to follow the same OSHA 10 training program and pay the same amount per course.

Unlike OSHA 30, the OSHA 10 certification course follows only the basic principles and training modalities associated with either the construction industry or the general safety requirements of other industries. There is a separate course especially designed for construction workers and builders, as the industry has a more comprehensive set of safety rules and requirements that need to be taught. In the general safety course you will only learn the basics, which typically apply to most other industries such as health care, factory workers and various manufacturing industries.

It is essential to find out exactly what your line of work entails and whether it requires a construction OSHA course or just the basics. For that purpose, you can educate yourself by accessing the official OSHA website or contact the OSHA Consultation Services at Colorado State University.

OSHA training might seem like a difficult and painstaking task, but it is essential both for educational purposes and to ensure that your business or your ability to work for another employer is secured through the highest safety standards. Once you and your staff complete your OSHA training, you will no longer have to worry about impromptu inspections or challenging safety issues that you might encounter at the workplace.

What Should You Search for When Receiving an Apartment Floor Plan?

An apartment floor plan can act as a window to the future when it comes to finding out as much as possible about how your new apartment might work out for you. Before buying or renting a new apartment, it is essential that you take a close look at the floor plan and consider even the smallest details prior to making your final decision.

What Does a Floor Plan Represent?

Floor plans are typically used by architects to decide upon all the various details of what a building, a floor or a single room or apartment might look like. Included are not only the measurements of the apartment and a few of the more important details, such as where the windows and doors are, but also a lot of additional information regarding anything from where the master switch board (MSB on the plan) is, to the location of the bathroom sink, the presence of furniture or the type of flooring that is available for each room.

A well-designed floor plan will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about buying an apartment. So you have to consider what it contains very carefully, if you want to end up actually living in the apartment of your dreams.

apartments for rent in Bentonville AR

What Should You Look for?

When you buy a new apartment, everything can be pretty confusing especially at first. However, with a good floor plan, you can avoid much of that confusion and start formulating a plan of your own as to how you want to arrange your furniture, what essential details you need to keep track of and how you should manage some of the discrepancies involved.

If you are searching for apartments for rent in Bentonville AR, here are a few of the most important details to check on:

  1. Look at the measurements and the layout of the rooms first. If you have a roommate, you might want separate access to the hallway, bathroom, kitchen and front door. Also, make sure the measurements will allow you to fit your larger furniture items that you might be bringing along.
  2. Learn some of the abbreviations used on the floor plan. That will help you figure out where the balcony, refrigerator, drain pipes and washing machine might be. It’s important to also know where all the immobile installations and items are, since these can’t be moved out of the way, so you will have to plan on placing your furniture and belongings around them.
  3. Check to see where the various meters are placed. That is very important when considering that the gas, electric or water company might want to check on them, so you should know if you need to let them into the apartment, or if the meters are outside.

You probably already know that living in an apartment is very different when compared to living in a house. So these details – even though they might seem insignificant – can turn out to be very important and they might even help you determine part of what your new lifestyle and new habits will look like at your newly rented or purchased apartment.

In Search of the Best Basic Roller Doors for Your Commercial Building

For commercial buildings, it is very important to find the right doors for garages and entryways that can allow vehicles to come and go. Roller doors have become increasingly more appealing and popular in recent years. But what makes this specific design so great, and what types of roller doors should you consider for your company? We’ll tackle these issues as well as others in the following.

roll up garage doors Denver

The Appeal of Roller Doors

Roller doors have incredible appeal among commercial business owners primarily because of the remarkable security and safety benefits they offer. Made typically from mild steel, these types of doors are very hard to break down and can be a deterrent for forced entry even if your business is located in an area where thefts and break-ins happen on a regular basis.

Another benefit of roller doors is that they remain safe even if your building isn’t used for a while. During the pandemic, many businesses were forced to shut down for a while, and future lock downs might still be cause for concern. With a properly installed roller door keeping your location safe, you have nothing to worry about.

Finally, the design of a roller door makes it better for use in smaller spaces, easier to use and offers better privacy as well. All these benefits along with the heightened security level it provides makes it an excellent choice if you also want to get a better offer when you decide to sell your building.

What Type of Roller Door Do You Need?

The most common design of roller door is the kind you’ve probably seen around many other commercial buildings, involving narrow horizontal sections building up a door that resembles a metal curtain. These doors can be made from steel or aluminum, and they are considered highly versatile as well as very secure.

Doors made from continuous sheets of steel are not as common, but they are considered a lot more secure and resilient. While they might be heavier and harder to use, these steel roller shutter doors are great if you have a lot of valuable equipment you want to keep safe, or if you need to better protect your building from the elements.

Roller shutter doors can also be differentiated based on their closing mechanisms. Some are design to shut very tightly, while others have a more basic locking system. There are also many motorized roller door designs that allow for remote opening and shutting action.

Finding the Right Provider

Of course, there are plenty of roll up garage doors Denver service providers that are willing and able to install an excellent roller shutter door for you for the right price. But finding the best price/quality ratio can be a little tricky.

Your best option is to search for a dependable local team of experienced technicians who are well-versed in installing, repairing and maintaining the type of roller door that you want to install. Be sure to check and compare the online reputation, reviews and complaints of the best services before choosing one, and make sure that they are actually professional and resourceful enough to tackle any future problems that could happen after you have your new doors installed.

What Differentiates Water Damage Restoration Companies From Each Other?

Water damage to your home can be caused by many things – it can be the consequence of flooding, excessive raining, melting snow or of a fire extinguishing process. Extensive water damage usually means more than a few soaked carpets – in most cases, the damage affects important structural components of the building, such as the walls and the floors and it is also associated with serious health risks, such as disease-spreading contamination. Such severe damage requires professional knowledge and professional tools, so the best and safest way to restore your home is by calling water damage Fort Collins specialists in handling water damage. Here are some important things to know about water damage elimination companies and about what sets them apart.

water damage Fort Collins

Restoration or Mitigation

While both restoration and mitigation are processes related to handling water damage, the purpose of the two procedures is quite different. While water damage mitigation aims at minimizing the harmful effects of the water damage, such as preventing contamination, pumping out water from the building and measures to prevent the collapse of the building, water damage restoration is a much longer, much more complex process that often involves the replacement of affected flooring and drywall panels and refinishing work.

The difference between the two types of services is important mainly for your insurance claim. Many home insurance policies cover for mitigation, but not for restoration, so before you call a specialist to help you in the trouble that you are faced with, take a quick look at your policy to see the type of coverage included.


Beside service range, good reputation is another feature that differentiates water damage Fort Collins remediation companies. Whether you need a company that provides water damage mitigation services or more complex restoration, you should only work with a company that has an excellent reputation, backed up with reviews and testimonials. The best way to find out about the aspect is by conducting some online research – on the results pages returned for your query you can find not only the websites operated by the service providers in your area, but also ratings, reviews and forum entries provided by people who worked with one company or the other in the past, all of them worth reading.

Licensing and Insurances

Only water damage companies that carry a state-issued license and are properly insured can provide mitigation or restoration services. You can find out about that aspect either through your online research or by directly contacting the service providers that seem suitable.


Personal contact, either in the form of a meeting or via the phone, is also very revealing and can help you differentiate between service providers. While talking to a company, ask about their service range, the size of their team, the equipment and the materials used, the timeframe for the damage remedy process – you might be pressed for time, but even so, knowing what is going to happen on your property is very important. Pay attention to how open and helpful the person you are talking to is and trust your instinct when choosing your water damage restoration company.

How are Dogs Trained to Locate Bed Bugs?

Any type of house, whether it is luxurious or modest, clean or unhealthy, can be a paradise for bed bugs. You should not be ashamed if these insects end up infesting your home. It is important to act quickly to eliminate them.

Bedbugs first appeared in Asia and spread rapidly in Europe with the help of humans. They can only appear in people’s homes or in poultry farms raised in the yard.

It might be an inconvenient truth, but people are the ones who allow bedbugs to spread all over the world, and tourism is the main cause, because these small pests can be easily collected from hotels, via  luggage, clothes etc. and transported somewhere else. You can also bring bedbugs in your home from cinemas and they will lay eggs and multiply in a very short time. The female can lay up to 500 eggs in a period of two months (in batches of up to 50 eggs). They get glued to the furniture or other suitable places with a transparent secretion.

Moreover, bed bugs can live up for several months even if they do not feed. You will always find them close to the hosts they feed on, i.e. in cracks in the parquet, behind the wallpaper, in the bed mattress, under the carpets or in light switches.

find bed bugs Denver

Be careful, they are attracted to the carbon dioxide that people exhale when they sleep, the heat emitted by the human body and will feed on human blood. When they do it, you will not feel the bite immediately because the insect also injects an anesthetic, but after a while it will become visible and likely itchy.

How to detect them?

If you do not see bed bugs, check the following clues:

  • Mosquito-like insect bites
  • Itchy skin
  • Black dots on the seams of the mattresses
  • Small blood stains on the sheets and blankets

Why you should go to a company that deals with bed bugs

If you fail to solve the bed bug problem on your own by washing, disinfecting and throwing away certain objects in which the bugs have made their nest, you should not panic or feel defeated; instead, you should use the services of a company that deals with pest-control. To find bed bugs Denver Advanced K9 Bed Bugs specialists offer state-of-the-art services to combat these annoying insects and have specially trained staff.


What people know less is that, in addition to all sorts of substances and techniques used in the process of eliminating these insects, many pest-control companies also have dogs specially trained to find bed bug nests.

These detector dogs are very efficient because they mainly use olfactory skills when identifying bed bugs. They are also very precise, being able to identify as few as one or two insects. Training is essential for a dog to reach such performances, and it is possible through adequate verbal reward system, but also through modified food. Trained bed bug detector dogs can also discriminate several types of bed bugs with an accuracy of more than 97%.



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